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Friday, April 22, 2011

EARTH DAY 22 APRIL 2011 What will you do to be greener this year?

Earth Day is on April 22, 2011..HAPPENING RIGHT NOW PEOPLE!!!. It's a great time to learn about our planet and how to take care of it.
So, me as future Geography Teacher also wanna share to you these Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Every Day :)

BYOB-Bring Your Own Bottle (and Bags):
Americans create 300,000 tons of landfill waste every year just from shopping bags, according to the Clean Air Council. (and now think about landfill waste from of the world, how many is that??) This does not include all the plastic cups and utensils we often use mindlessly! Most of the waste can be avoided if we make an effort to buy reusable items that can be used throughout the day. The solution is simple: spend money now on quality reusable items, and the benefits will far outweigh the costs.
Purchase reusable bottles like Kleen Kanteen, or buy reusable tote bags from your local grocery stores. If you’re one of those people who can't start your day right or have a conversation until you’ve had your morning coffee, then buy a thermal coffee mug to fill at the coffee shop or at work. You can also find everything from reusable sandwich bags to utensil sets. Invest in a water filter likeBrita to keep filling your reusable bottles, and remember to keep tote bags in the trunk of your car for spontaneous purchases.

Say Hello to Your Farmer:
Make it a weekly habit to shop at local farmers markets such as the Tamu on Sunday mornings. Buying produce grown by local farmers allows you to eat the tastiest and freshest foods that have had the least impact on the earth. Some foods sold at grocery stores could have traveled roughly between 1,500 miles to 2,500 miles before it reaches your plate, according to Brian Halweil author of the book “Home Grown: The Case for Local Food in a Global Market.” The shorter the distance the food is traveled, the less energy and fuel are used, creating less pollution and waste.
By shopping at your local farmer's market, you’ll also be more informed about where your food is coming from, what’s in season and have the opportunity to talk to farmers who are growing your food. Supporting your local farmer also means supporting your community, which is always an easy way to give back.
Just think, the apple from your grocery store may have more mileage than you do, so bring your reusable bags and start shopping in the sun!

Make Power Strips Your Friends:
Leaving the television and other video equipment plugged even when they are turned off can lead to energy being lost or “leaked,” according to the California Energy Commission. Electrical appliances often draw standby power, consuming power 24 hours a day and amounting to nearly 10% of electrical use in your home. Instead of having to unplug every item after use, plug appliances inpower strips so you can switch them off before leaving the house or going to bed. Most of us wouldn’t keep a faucet running when not in use, so we should apply the same approach to our electricity. A simple click of the switch can make a world of difference!

Beat the Heat:
Simply switching the temperature of the water for your washing machine from hot to cold can save a lot of energy. Nearly 90 percent of energy used when washing clothes stems from heating up the water, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. If you’ve got tough stains on clothes, spray stain removers like Shout and gently scrub before throwing them in with the rest of your load.

Breathe More Fresh Air:
In this digital age, it can be easy to forget what our friends and relatives look like beyond their Facebook profile photos. If we spend more time outdoors, and less time watching TV or instant messaging, we can save a lot of electricity in the long run. We can also save more on our electricity bills, since 60% of the electricity used in our homes is used for lighting and appliances, according to U.S. Energy Information Administration.
When we're busy at social gatherings and events, we spend less time texting and e-mailing, therefore spending a lot less time plugged in. Instead of playing a sports video game for hours, go out and actually play the sport. Try to plan a picnic with family or friends at your local park, or catch up with your colleagues face-to-face at a tea or coffee shop. And don't forget to bring your reusable mug!
The bottom line is that "going green" shouldn't be treated as just a fad whenever Earth Day comes around. Green living is a matter of implementing easy and simple changes into your daily routine that can help save the earth today and preserve it for many generations to come.

What will you do to be greener this year?

Source: Cerritos and Artesia

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Everyday is Earth Day! Like this one so damn much; "Say HELLO to the Farmer". We eat Potato Chips but surely not the chips. ^^,

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