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Friday, March 16, 2012

Light Sculptures by Makoto Mojiki

Japanese artist Makoto Tojikil is fascinated by light. He uses it in ways that create amazing illusions and out-of-this-world experiences in a subtle, inquisitive way. But what we love most is the way his No Shadow pieces – large animal and human sculptures made of strands of light - evoke a sense of playfulness, awe, possibility and wonder. We find ourselves unable to stop staring, unwilling to leave the area of influence of the magical, somehow celestial beings and creatures.Tojiki was born in 1975 in Miyzaki, Japan, and graduated from Kinki University in 1998 as an industrial design engineer. After a stint designing home appliances, he launched his artistic career full-time in 2003. Of the No Shadow pieces, he says “An object is seen when our eyes capture light that is reflected from the object. If we extract just the light that is reflected from ‘something,’ are we still in the presence of that ‘something?’ Using contours of light, I try to express this ‘something.’” We envision all sorts of opportunities for brands to use this type of sculpture at events, launches, stores, showrooms… - Tuija Seipell.

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Voice: Battle round!!

 Halo Halo.. waa..smalam bro baru sempat tgk the voice season 2 pusingan Battleround. ok..blind audition sudah lepas... jadi skrg pusingan Battle round, maknanya stp member dlm stp kumpulan akan berlawan ant satu sama lain..mmg cool la diaorg berlawan (ala..nyanyi jaa) utk mendapat tempat dalam kumpulan masing2.. Coach dlm kump tu sendiri akan pilih siapa yg mereka mau utk terus mara..

Coach stp team masih sama, Christina, Blake, Adam dan Cee lo..mmg dioarg sempoi la, paling best melihat stp coach ni berebut utk dptkan artist mana untuk kumpulan dioarg dalam pusingan blind audition dulu..
ok, bro pn ada juga artist fav bro dalam ni show.. tapi kebanyakkannya terkandas dalam pusingan ni.. tapi xpa.. best juga menonton.
 Ok.. gambar ni Lex dan Charlotte dr team Blake sedang nyanyi lagu "pumped up kids" . Haha my fav c Lex (sebelah kanan).pendiam ja orangnya ni tapi gabungan duo nyanyi lagu ni mmg best n sesuai sampai bro pn minta tu lagu.. hahah tapi Lex kalah dlm ni round.
ni pula battleround antara Jamar (baju merah) vs Jamie. Mmg bole tau Jamar yg dominasi pentas.. One of my Fav juga..hehe dr team Cee Loo

ada banyak lagi sebenarnya battleround ni tapi bro cover dua ni ja dalam post kali ni... teruskan menonton The Voice season 2 di saluran AXN,701 setiap Rabu :)


adoiyaii gaji..apasal la lambat ko masuk nih??
abis semua plan aku time cuti nih