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Friday, April 6, 2012



I just Install INSTAGRAM application on my samsung GT, and i play with that application like a kid in a candy store (or more like 'kebaru-baruan')..haha well, this application allow us to take a photo, and then we can apply a digital filter (which is awesome filters) and share it with Instagram community or with other social networking like Facebook, Tumblr, twitter and many more.

What i like with this application is, it will add 'certain' mood or feelings to our picture, even we take it from  camera phone and not from the expensive lens or camera (which someday i will buy one!) haha.. haiya bro, what kind of mood or feeling that you talking about? aiseh, me also catch myself hard to explain it. why don't you all just see some my picture that i experiment with this awesome application?

so, lets see my own version of Instragram :)
scroll down please.. and drum roll.. and don't laugh ok? i'm still 'Green' anyway :P

 ( window inside my room)

( 2 different shoes)

(myself in INSTAGRAM mode)

 (RM 100...sign by Zaty Aziz hahaha)

( a picture of my students from class 2 cekal)

( a picture of a bike that i snap at the Keningau autoshow long time ago)

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