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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Mother's Courage. (Sad and true Story)

A Mother's Courage.

Adapted from a true story:
An Old Lady,
because of prohibited items,
she was arrested in the airport in Venezuela.
She is from Taiwan,
no one knew her,
She told them (the airport security):

"This is a pack of chinese herbal medicine,
She came here to make a stewed chicken soup to her daughter.
Her daughter just gave birth to a child.
They had not meet for several years.
Her name is Cai Ying-Rui.
63 years old.
first time abroad.
Doesnt know how to speak english.
no one to accompany her.
Flight three days by herself.
Across the three countries.
32,000 kilometer"

p/s: I love you ma.

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