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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Men who like to cook

(Picture taken from: Van Hurd -Hell kitchen)
Let me tell you first that i don't know how to cook. But i will try to cook for myself. Why? because..

when i in the 'chef' mode, i like to try new things (hahaha), you know, like add 'something' people will not usually add in their food when they cooking. I don't why, maybe put some sauce, put some of that, put some of this and tadaa its ready.

But i know if something happen, whether is delicious or another failed experiment,
i will be the one who responsible for taking the risk of my truly 'out there idea' or 'interesting-things-that-i-add'. But when i not in the so called 'chef' mode, i like to watch people cooking. i like watching my mom in da kitchen.when my mom cooking in the kitchen, and i will come and ask my famous line of all time:
"what are you cooking today mom?" 

my mom just smile hearing the same question for the past couple of years and of course she told me.

if i don't spending my time disturbing my mom with my question in her kitchen, I will just switch on the TV and.. well, you know, Cooking channel. yeah yeah, i enjoy watching CSI, Criminal minds, Wipeout, NCIS, Ghost Whisperer,football, rugby, badminton and other sports even watching history or animal channel, 
but i found myself watching cooking channel. hell no, i'm not crazy,or gay or sissy ( told ya i'm straight ) I told you before, i like to watch people cooking.
i don't know why but i'm enjoying myself watching them.

When watching someone cooking, i personally admire how fast they cook, how their hand handling the cooking tools, their knowledge about food and their passion when they cooking. They GOT something that i don't have.

I like food. But, i don't know how to cook. So maybe that's why i take the other approach that is
watching someone WHO-KNOW-HOW-TO-COOK do their things in the kitchen. But if you force me to cook, then cooking instant noodle is my speciality, and cooking rice in the rice cooker is simple like a,b,c.

( My sooo famous Instant Curry Noodle)

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